Oh, Sweet Jesus! Kid Miracle’s comic is finally here!

Kid Miracle stars in his first full length release! Kid Miracle ‘Something In The Way’ is an all ages comic depicting the world in crisis as Kid Miracle eventually gets around to doing something about it.

If you would like to buy a first edition, signed copy of Kid Miracle please send $4 to https://paypal.me/makamiopress. If you are not doing local pickup, please send an additional $4 for shipping fees.

Please include your shipping address and let me know if you would like the comic cover signed, unsigned, or signed for a certain person.

Thank you for your support!


I guess I lied. Not intentionally of course but here we are a few years later.
I guess quite a bit has happened, but none of that here.
Setbacks aplenty, most out of my control. It’s depressing.
Anyway here’s a incomplete project that was supposed to be a twice monthly comic “The Bastards” posted right here on the site. In this very rare case I’m not crediting the artist, because they have chosen to abandon this project not once but twice and failed to deliver the work. This has been a reoccurring theme among contracted artists for me and it is beyond frustrating. I snapped together some lettering and my friend https://www.instagram.com/emmanuelsaintromain/ helped with some corrections.
Well I’ll just post it here below. Don’t worry I know it’s been a while but it’s not like Aries Comics is dead.
Or is it?
– Mike .L.

‘Down’ and Updates.

Hello Again!

It’s been far too long. To make up for the lack of content lately, I though I’d drop something special.

A few months ago, I participated in Comic Book Hour anthology project “One Comic To Rule Them All” or OCTRTA. I had a great time collaborating once again with artist Javiera Argandoña, and meeting  artist Daniel Romero.

Currently Comic Book Hour’s host and mastermind  Jamie Me, is in the final stretch of a wildly successful kickstarter.  Within the featured rewards is the total OCTRTA Anthology, you should check it out.

Thanks for coming back! I’d like to now share with you our contribution to OCTRTA, ‘Down’. I’m posting the pages in a different format than usual so let me know what you think! Here’s a link to get started.

Thanks as always!

~ Mike .L.

Welcoming Winter with a New Brahn Short

Thank you for the response to Blue Birds! It was the biggest project I’ve posted on here it was great to keep my content updating frequently.

As December starts, I realized I wasn’t entirely ready to end the year here at Aries. I had a project I was working on a few months ago that had to get delayed for a bit that is now ready to debut.

A bit back in June I introduced Brahn. He’s back. I rounded up Team Diaverik to return to for art duties to really have Brahn’s first two part story shine. amb3r returns for coloring! You may remember her from Green Day.

Thank you for stopping by! Here’s a link to get you started!

~ Mike .L.



Blue Birds Concludes!

Part 4 has arrived! Marking the end of my most ambitious web project yet. It was my first time doing full lettering duties as well so this has been quite the learning experience.

Can we all take a moment to look at this beautiful cover  Javiera Argandoña  was generous enough to make for this story? It’s amazing! Her work on this story was great! Some people have even requested seeing her original artwork before it was colored, I might do a showcase sometime in the near future.

Also thanks to Fariz Muzakki for the colors once again. I think page four is the best looking page yet!

The Conclusion of Blue Birds!

Thanks for stopping by!


~ Mike .L.


Fall @ Aries Comics

Hello there everyone! It’s been far too long since I’ve had anything to share, summer time has come and past since then.

I’m ecstatic to report the return of some new comic content here right now! You may have noticed a character sketch of Kid Miracle rocking a seasonally appropriate outfit when you came here… Let me introduce Javiera Argandoña, she’s been a huge help on art duties for the latest Kid Miracle story!  Fariz Muzakki has also returned for color duties on this story.


Here’s a link to get started!

Hope you enjoy! More to come soon!

~ Mike .L.



Enter Brahn!

Introducing Brahn!

Brahn is character I had thought up a while back, so had Team Diaverik draw this early design. I wanted all my characters to be unique and instantly recognizable from  one another so I think you’ll see a big difference between him and Kid Miracle.

I can’t say too much about Brahn right now, but I have big plans for him. He’s gone through quite a few different drafts, names, and characteristics but I think I’m pretty close. Close enough to give him a debut like this.


I put together a test page for Brahn a while back and I’m ready to show it off. This version of Brahn isn’t entirely final, but with the help of my collaborators it’s a big step forward.  Ryo Kawakami reported for art duties,  on colors Fariz Muzakki stepped in. Here it is!

As always, thank you for stopping by!

~ Mike .L.

Remembering the recent Free Comic Book Day- Bonus Kid Miracle

Hello Again!

It’s a little behind us now, but I thought I’d reminisce about Free Comic Book Day. It was May 6th , a little before 9 AM in front of my local Comic Shop when the idea for this blog post was born.

Free Comic Book Day is something I look forward to every year. It’s always a good time to get out and get some free stuff from the publishers, there’s usually some good deals around too. The fact that for the past few years I’ve been able to go see a Hollywood blockbuster adapting comic material has really amped up my anticipation. Overall a really good time to be into comics.  Here’s a snippet of the books I picked up.20170506_104203.jpg

I decided to get cracking on a web comic to go along with this blog post, something that was brewing in the back of my head while I was waiting in line that morning. I wrote up my script and reached out to a new team to bring it to life.

Ryo Kawakami was kind enough to provide art for this one. Fariz Muzakki lent his talents for the colors. You’ll be seeing some more from them in the near future here. I also went in and added some sound effects and the credits, but it was my first time doing it (be gentle). You can see the page right over here or go over to the web comic tab.

Thanks for reading!

~ Mike .L.

The Kid Miracle that almost was.

A few years back I began to run into a bit of a rut creatively. All these wondrous ideas I had for comic concepts were really grand, and would ideally be ongoing series or at least mini series of at least 6 issues.  While I still have hopes for those ideas and have some outlines and files laying around I had to take a hard look on my progress.

MAKING COMICS IS HARD! (It’s also really expensive) I started completely anew with a new battle plan.

I had to make realistic production goals,  so I began to draft a One Shot comic. At the time I was listening to Nirvana: Unplugged a whole lot, and I was super focused on my creativity. Kid Miracle was birthed out of this time as a fusion between 90’s grunge and self parody. I drew and wrote in the notebook what I like to consider an outline and then it was time to move on from there.

I soon come into contact with Team Diaverik, and they soon agreed to help me get this concept off the ground. I’ll be posting some concept art I’ve never publicly shown before of Kid Miracle before we had his look down.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided to tweak the previous design a bit to make Kid Miracle seem more approachable, I didn’t want him to look psychically intimidating. I really like the Kid Miracle we ended up getting, but the one we didn’t looks really cool too! Maybe there’s a reality where that Kid Miracle was final, and he’s off doing his own adventures. Hmmm

Thanks for reading!

– Mike .L.