Enter Brahn!

Introducing Brahn!

Brahn is character I had thought up a while back, so had Team Diaverik draw this early design. I wanted all my characters to be unique and instantly recognizable from  one another so I think you’ll see a big difference between him and Kid Miracle.

I can’t say too much about Brahn right now, but I have big plans for him. He’s gone through quite a few different drafts, names, and characteristics but I think I’m pretty close. Close enough to give him a debut like this.


I put together a test page for Brahn a while back and I’m ready to show it off. This version of Brahn isn’t entirely final, but with the help of my collaborators it’s a big step forward.  Ryo Kawakami reported for art duties,  on colors Fariz Muzakki stepped in. Here it is!

As always, thank you for stopping by!

~ Mike .L.

Author: Mike .L.

Comic Writer and Big Boss of Aries Comics-

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