I guess I lied. Not intentionally of course but here we are a few years later.
I guess quite a bit has happened, but none of that here.
Setbacks aplenty, most out of my control. It’s depressing.
Anyway here’s a incomplete project that was supposed to be a twice monthly comic “The Bastards” posted right here on the site. In this very rare case I’m not crediting the artist, because they have chosen to abandon this project not once but twice and failed to deliver the work. This has been a reoccurring theme among contracted artists for me and it is beyond frustrating. I snapped together some lettering and my friend https://www.instagram.com/emmanuelsaintromain/ helped with some corrections.
Well I’ll just post it here below. Don’t worry I know it’s been a while but it’s not like Aries Comics is dead.
Or is it?
– Mike .L.

Author: Mike .L.

Comic Writer and Big Boss of Aries Comics-

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