‘Down’ and Updates.

Hello Again!

It’s been far too long. To make up for the lack of content lately, I though I’d drop something special.

A few months ago, I participated in Comic Book Hour anthology project “One Comic To Rule Them All” or OCTRTA. I had a great time collaborating once again with artist Javiera Argandoña, and meeting  artist Daniel Romero.

Currently Comic Book Hour’s host and mastermind  Jamie Me, is in the final stretch of a wildly successful kickstarter.  Within the featured rewards is the total OCTRTA Anthology, you should check it out.

Thanks for coming back! I’d like to now share with you our contribution to OCTRTA, ‘Down’. I’m posting the pages in a different format than usual so let me know what you think! Here’s a link to get started.

Thanks as always!

~ Mike .L.

Author: Mike .L.

Comic Writer and Big Boss of Aries Comics-

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