The Kid Miracle that almost was.

A few years back I began to run into a bit of a rut creatively. All these wondrous ideas I had for comic concepts were really grand, and would ideally be ongoing series or at least mini series of at least 6 issues.  While I still have hopes for those ideas and have some outlines and files laying around I had to take a hard look on my progress.

MAKING COMICS IS HARD! (It’s also really expensive) I started completely anew with a new battle plan.

I had to make realistic production goals,  so I began to draft a One Shot comic. At the time I was listening to Nirvana: Unplugged a whole lot, and I was super focused on my creativity. Kid Miracle was birthed out of this time as a fusion between 90’s grunge and self parody. I drew and wrote in the notebook what I like to consider an outline and then it was time to move on from there.

I soon come into contact with Team Diaverik, and they soon agreed to help me get this concept off the ground. I’ll be posting some concept art I’ve never publicly shown before of Kid Miracle before we had his look down.

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I decided to tweak the previous design a bit to make Kid Miracle seem more approachable, I didn’t want him to look psychically intimidating. I really like the Kid Miracle we ended up getting, but the one we didn’t looks really cool too! Maybe there’s a reality where that Kid Miracle was final, and he’s off doing his own adventures. Hmmm

Thanks for reading!

– Mike .L.

Author: Mike .L.

Comic Writer and Big Boss of Aries Comics-

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