Happy St Patrick’s Day! Kid Miracle in “Green Day”

It’s a been a little while! I hope you all have fun with whatever you’re doing tonight. I went and planned out a little comic with a St Patrick’s Day flavor to it to mark the occasion.

*I will have a updated,properly credited version of the page going up on the archives soon.

Team Diaverik returned for the glorious pencil and ink work. amb3r was there to help when I needed a colors, and they turned out great! Jamie Me helped me get lettered just in time for St Patrick’s Day evening, I pretty much parked this on his lawn a day ago and he managed to get back to me while doing his own comics and managing Comic Book Hour! (Too much responsibility for me-)

Have fun everyone! I plan on posting more updates soon, probably with some ‘behind the scenes’ development stuff.


~ Mike .L.



Author: Mike .L.

Comic Writer and Big Boss of Aries Comics-

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